Medical Malpractice

There are risks in all aspects of medical care; from diagnosis to surgery. Every decision made by a medical professional carries the risk of a costly medical malpractice suit. To successfully handle a medical malpractice case, it is absolutely paramount that the lawyer has the knowledge of the medical issues, and the skills and experience necessary to litigate questions of liability, causation, and damages. At Vella Carbone, we understand that medical malpractice suits expose physicians and all other medical professionals to serious financial risk and professional liability. We understand the necessity of a proactive defense against these claims and will work with you to achieve a successful outcome.

Our attorneys take a vigorous hands-on approach to every case we defend. At Vella Carbone, we understand that in these cases; it’s not just about the money, but the professional’s reputation and what is right. We have the experience and knowledge to defend medical professionals against medical malpractice claims and invite you to contact our office to assist you with any defense needs you may require.